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NewsWatch January, 2001

NewsWatch January, 2001







Week Ending Friday, Feb. 2



Date Open High Low Last Volume
Fri., Feb. 2 9.4375 9.5 9.09375 9.09375 267,700
Thur., Feb. 1 9.1875 9.5 9.1875 9.4688 549,000
Wed., Jan. 31 9.1875 9.5 9.125 9.25 549,000
Tue., Jan. 30 9.0 9.375 8.9375 9.25 698,400
Mon., Jan. 29 9.0625 9.25 8.8125 8.9375 375,100
50 Day Average Volume: 695,400
ALLR Stock Prices


Macromedia Stock Prices

Week Ending Friday, Jan. 26



Date Open High Low Last Volume
Fri., Jan. 26 9.1406 9.375 9.0 9.0938 587,400
Thur., Jan. 25 9.375 9.5 9.25 9.375 397,500
Wed., Jan. 24 9.5312 9.71875 9.375 9.4375 437,600
Tue., Jan. 23 9.4375 9.625 9.25 9.5 974,900
Mon., Jan. 22 9.0312 9.4375 8.9062 9.3125 1,330,900
50 Day Average Volume: 681,400
ALLR Stock Prices


Macromedia Stock Prices

Week Ending Friday, Jan. 19



Date Open High Low Last Volume
Fri., Jan. 19 8.9219 9.125 8.75 9.0 1,999,300
Thur., Jan. 18 8.5625 9.0 8.53125 8.90625 3,438,400
Wed., Jan. 17 9.6875 9.6875 8.9375 8.5 4,958,200
Tue., Jan. 16 8.125 8.1562 7.375 7.9375 1,114,200
Mon., Jan. 15 Closed 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 000,000
50 Day Average Volume: 646,600
ALLR Stock Prices


Macromedia Stock Prices

Week's News

Week Ending Friday, Jan. 12



Date Open High Low Last Volume
Fri., Jan. 12 6.1562 7.5 6.125 7.5 1,068,600
Thur., Jan. 11 5.0937 6.4375 5.0625 6.1562 839,100
Wed., Jan. 10 4.9687 5.3125 4.9375 5.0625 333,000
Tues., Jan. 9 5.0312 5.5312 4.9062 4.9687 244,900
Mon., Jan. 8 5.0625 5.5312 4.9375 5.0625 296,200
50 Day Average Volume: 495,400
ALLR Stock Prices

Week's News

Week Ending Friday, Jan. 5



Date Open High Low Last Volume
Fri., Jan. 5 5.25 5.3125 4.9375 5.0312 260,700
Thur., Jan. 4 5.5312 5.5937 5.0625 5.125 365,200
Wed., Jan. 3 4.6875 5.375 4.375 5.125 335,000
Tues., Jan. 2 5.125 5.2187 4.3125 4.6875 328,500
Mon., Jan. 1 Closed 0.000 0.000 0.000 000,000
50 Day Average Volume: 502,400
ALLR Stock Prices


December, 2000

December 2000

Last 12 Months, Dec. 29



Start-Up To Sell Open-Source PHP

An Israeli start-up, Zend Technologies, has started selling PHP on the Web. Zend hopes that PHP, software for generating Web pages on the fly, will be as good a foundation for its business plan as Linux has been for Red Hat.

PHP is a server-side scripting technology which creates customized dynamic and scalable Web pages. Earlier in January, Netcraft reported that PHP is now running on more than 5 million Web domains. PHP runs on all major operating systems including Sun Solaris, Linux, BSD, and Microsoft Windows.

Zend is selling a packaged version of PHP and programming tools to use it, a caching product that speeds PHP performance, and an encryption product that allows programmers to develop proprietary PHP, said Jim Jagielski, US chief technology officer of the company based in Ramat Gan, Israel.

The popularity of open-source software, which may be freely downloaded, scrutinized and changed, has been good for Red Hat, VA Linux Systems, and a few other companies. Successful initial public offerings have spawned followers such as Zelerate, which provides open-source e-commerce software; Great Bridge, NuSphere and IBPhoenix, with open-source database software; and Covalent Technologies' Web server software.

These companies, though, must take on some industry giants with their own established technology. In the case of Zend, PHP competes with Allaire's ColdFusion, Microsoft's Active Server Pages, and Sun Microsystems' Java Server Pages.

Zend isn't starting from scratch, which is a major advantage over some open-source companies that are loosing some of their business luster with the general high-tech decline.

Zend can take advantage of the popularity of Apache, which, according to Netcraft, is the No. 1 Web server software.

Also in Zend's favor is the fact that it employs several PHP gurus, including cofounders Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, the lead programmers who recently overhauled PHP during its upgrade from version 3 to 4. Additionally, Jagielski is a core Apache developer and the leader of the Apache Software Foundation's PHP group.

The company, with 28 employees in Israel and five in the United States, plans to add another 28 positions in Israel and 15 in the United States, Jagielski said. Expansion will come in programmers and sales staff, he added.

The company is positioning as much of its research activities as possible in the United States — "where the vast majority of our customers are," Jagielski said — but the bulk of the effort will stay in Israel because of Israeli tax laws.

The company plans to sell most of its products directly over the Web, but the company is in distribution discussions with VA, Covalent and Cobalt Networks (now part of Sun), Jagielski said.

Zend offers:

  • A caching addition to PHP that keeps PHP programs in memory instead of requiring a computer to reconstruct an action each time it's used. The addition, which costs $2,000 per CPU and less in quantity, speeds PHP performance by a factor of five, Jagielski said.
  • A $6,000 encryption engine that lets PHP programs be encoded to conceal their inner workings.
  • A version of PHP Launchpad, a packaged version of PHP that includes a programming environment to make it easier to create the applications PHP runs, along with service and support. At the lower-end a subscription costs $50 while higher levels of support are priced at $70 a month.

  • Ektron's eWebEditPro Embedded in Spectra

    Ektron, Inc., a recognized leader in Web authoring and content management solutions, announced an OEM agreement with Allaire Corporation. Under the terms of the agreement, Ektron's eWebEditPro content editing tool will be embedded into Allaire Spectra, Version 1.5, which started shipping last week. Allaire Spectra, an application framework for content management, e-commerce and personalization, is currently used by hundreds of customers around the world. eWebEditPro, the first in a new market category, is a browser-based, WYSIWYG Web content authoring, editing and publishing tool designed for ease of use by non-technical professionals.

    "Ektron's editing tool is a valuable new feature which makes Allaire Spectra 1.5 even easier to use," said Todd Boes, senior director of product marketing for Allaire. "With eWebEditPro, no knowledge of HTML is required for content authoring. Many of our users have already been working with eWebEditPro, embedding it into solutions on their own, so we knew it was a great addition to the product."

    eWebEditPro's functionality offers Allaire Spectra users improved "anywhere authoring," including an HTML editor with spell check and table and cell support. eWebEditPro also features browser independence, so Allaire Spectra 1.5 users will be able to edit content from Netscape or Microsoft browsers. Allaire Spectra 1.5 is focused on ease-of-use and productivity enhancements, including authoring and editing improvements, which will be provided by eWebEditPro.

    William Cupps, president and CEO of Portland- and Seattle-based DevTech, a Web application development company and Premier Allaire partner, says DevTech has built Web sites for several of its customers using Allaire Spectra. To achieve easy-to-use and powerful content editing capabilities for their Allaire Spectra customers, they embed eWebEditPro into the sites — including DevTech's own company site. "eWebEditPro provides Allaire Spectra customers numerous benefits, including the ability to easily format text, create hyperlinks, navigate and search more easily in tables and images, and copy-and-paste from any Windows-based applications. We're delighted these two companies have come together to provide a strong content editing solution as part of Spectra 1.5," said Cupps.

    NetIQ to Buy WebTrends in $1 Billion Deal

    NetIQ Corp., the maker of e-business infrastructure management, announced it is buying WebTrends for about $1 billion in stock. Based in Portland, Ore., WebTrends makes software that monitors Internet traffic for companies.

    WebTrends shareholders will get 0.48 share of NetIQ common stock for each WebTrends share. Based on NetIQ's closing price of $75 on Tuesday, Jan. 16., the transaction values WebTrends at $36 a share.

    The boards of both companies have approved the deal.

    The combined company will operate under the name NetIQ Corp. and the merger is expected to close late in the first quarter or early in the second quarter of this year. The deal is expected to add to NetIQ's earnings starting in the June quarter, excluding non-cash charges related to the acquisition.

    Dirig Software Manages ColdFusion Server

    Dirig Software, a developer of leading applications and systems management solutions, has released a new Specific Application Manager (SAM) for proactively managing ColdFusion. The new SAM, added to Dirig's SAM portfolio, is designed to enhance management capabilities for IT managers responsible for e-business environments and applications. Dirig views the ColdFusion SAM technology as the first in a series of development efforts focused on e-business application space.

    "The application server market is becoming more sophisticated and Allaire customers clearly require robust management for ColdFusion-based applications," stated Dave Gruber, ColdFusion product manager for Allaire Corporation. "Dirig's technology not only provides IT managers with the right level of management, but its Web-based user interface was designed for developers and users of Internet products like ColdFusion."

    "Dirig continues to build management tools to meet the requirements IT managers are facing in the e-business marketplace," said Paul LaFrance, CTO and founder of Dirig Software. "Year 2001 will see dramatic changes with application management tools. No longer is it sufficient to monitor just application performance. The market requires more information from their management tools and Dirig is leading the technology advancements for e-business application servers."

    With Dirig's technology, users have the ability to monitor and manage any server application out of the box. With a few simple rules, Dirig solutions are able to manage processes or services specific to a given application, as well as monitor any text based log file or NT EventLog message. The technology also provides the ability to sample and monitor any NT Performance Counter (perfmon attribute) as well as integrate data points via the execution of a script or batch file.

    Dirig's Specific Application Managers (SAMs) quickly allow a user to manage an application with minimal or no added configuration. Through a simple drag and drop function, Dirig SAMs are imported and a set of predefined rules are automatically created, providing users with maximum application management with minimal configuration.

    Dirig Software develops and markets applications management products for e-business. The product supports systems running on Windows NT, Linux and UNIX. The company focuses on providing products that deliver real-time feedback and actions to manage customers' applications and environments, while also making these products easy to install, configure and upgrade.

    These solutions include xSPress for service providers, RelyENT for enterprise and dot coms, and Proctor for OEMs.

    The company's rapid growth is fostered by partnerships with major industry leading organizations including Hewlett-Packard Company, Cabletron Systems, Progress Software Corporation, and Citrix Systems, Inc. Founded in 1997, Dirig is a privately held corporation headquartered in Nashua, NH, (603) 889-2777. Utilizes Spectra

    ViewSonic Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of Visual Technology™, has implemented Allaire Spectra and ColdFusion to power its corporate Web site and expand the site's content management capabilities. With Spectra, ViewSonic was able to solve a critical business problem, online content management, while ensuring that its site remains scalable for continuous integration of new functions.

    "ViewSonic needed to build a site that would not only meet the needs of our customers but also provide a platform to drive the usage and purchase of our products," said Amanda Allen, Internet Applications Manager, ViewSonic Corporation. "After researching several solutions, we determined that Allaire Spectra and ColdFusion allow us to accomplish our goals now and enable cost effective expansion and flexibility for future projects."

    With the Spectra product and assistance from Allaire Consulting, ViewSonic was able to restructure and enhance its site in less than six months. ViewSonic used Spectra to easily reduce 6,000 static HTML pages into 375 ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) pages.

    The resulting manageable, interactive site gives ViewSonic marketing teams, which previously had little or no access to update site content, the ability to manage online information, such as product costs and descriptions. This solution also allows the company's Internet team to devote more time to mission-critical application development and less time to maintaining site content.

    ViewSonic's Internet team is also leveraging Allaire technology to develop specific applications designed to enrich the customer experience on the Internet. Using Spectra and ColdFusion, the company's Web developers added an advanced search tool to allow customers to search for specific products based on their requirements. The search wizard was built using the Spectra keyword function, enabling ViewSonic to grant access to product details and comparison charts, giving the customer increased Internet interaction and creating greater site stickiness.

    "We're extremely pleased that a well-respected industry leader such as ViewSonic is realizing the business benefits of Allaire Spectra and ColdFusion," said Jeremy Allaire, CTO of Allaire Corporation. "With our products, Allaire is able to provide ViewSonic with the solution to their content management challenges in an easy-to-use, scalable framework that can be quickly implemented. ViewSonic can be assured that their site will be flexible enough that they can continue to grow their Internet presence, on their terms, as their business expands."

    Headquartered in Walnut, Calif., ViewSonic was founded in 1987 and is a privately held corporation with over $1 billion in worldwide annual sales. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corporation at (800) 888-8583 or (909) 869-7976; fax: (909) 468-3736.

    ViewSonic Corporation, a leader in Visual Technology™ products, offers comprehensive display solutions for today's business, Internet, education and entertainment markets. The company's products have won more than 1000 awards globally from independent publications and organizations. ViewSonic's leadership position is further supported by its position as No. 1 best selling independent monitor in 1999 and Q1, 2000, according to Stanford Resources. The company is also the leading LCD brand in the United States in Q1, 2000 according to Display Search.


    Macromedia and Allaire to Merge

     After the stock markets closed on Tuesday, Jan. 16, the powerhouse in Web user interface and multimedia tools Macromedia Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) said that it has agreed to merge with Allaire Corporation (Nasdaq: ALLR) in a $360 million stock deal. The merged company will retain the Macromedia name.

    Under the deal, Macromedia will exchange 0.2 shares of its stock and $3 in cash for each Allaire share. In Tuesday's trading before the merger announcement, Macromedia opened at $43.4375 and closed at $44.0. Allaire opened at $8.125 to close at $7.935 with a volume of 1,114,200 shares traded, four times greater than on the previous Tuesday.

    In after hours trading Tuesday, Macromedia dropped to $39 a share while Allaire leapt above $10, closer to the Macromedia merger valuation of $11.80 an Allaire share.

    The merger is subject to approval by Allaire atockholders.

    Macromedia Stock Over the Last Year

    Allaire Stock Over the Last Year

    Both companies have seen their stock prices sink in recent months, but Allaire has been the harder hit, with its stock at times dipping below $5 a share from a high of over $92 earlier this year. Macromedia has dipped as low as $34.75, a little more than one-quarter of its 52-week high of over $120.

    The combined company, said a Macromedia spokesperson, "will unite the Web design and development communities enabling Web professionals to efficiently build the look of a Web site and the application logic behind it — creating the best possible user experience across multiple devices."

    In a letter to Allaire customers, Jeremy Allaire said: "We've partnered closely with Macromedia for many years, and I've found they share our vision and passion for working with developers, building great products, and driving innovation in the Internet industry. Fundamentally, this merger is about creating a company that will provide the products and services you need to be successful.

    "As a combined company," continued Allaire, "we'll deliver a comprehensive product family of tools and servers for building the next generation of solutions on the Web. The combined company will be the world's leading supplier of software for Web professionals."

    Under the terms of the definitive merger agreement unanimously approved by each company's board of directors, Macromedia will acquire Allaire. Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO of Macromedia, will continue as chairman and CEO of the combined Macromedia. Jeremy Allaire, CTO of Allaire, will be the CTO of Macromedia, reporting to Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products.

    "Allaire and Macromedia share a common vision, business model, and corporate culture," said David Orfao, president and CEO of Allaire. "This merger will bring together complementary products, extensive channels, and first-rate service organizations into a powerful combined company that will lead the Web software industry."

    "This merger is a natural. Combining the technology and talent of Macromedia and Allaire will bring Web professionals a complete, accessible way to build engaging, dynamic Web sites and applications," said Burgess. "With this merger, we are taking the next logical step in empowering developers to create — and users to enjoy — a new generation of compelling Web experiences on everything from personal computers and set-top boxes to PDAs and beyond."

    The strengths of the combined company include:

  • A comprehensive, market-leading authoring and server product line
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver, a leading professional visual HTML editor, with more than a 70 percent market share
  • Macromedia Flash, the rich media standard, with a 96 percent Web penetration
  • Allaire ColdFusion, a leading cross-platform Web application server
  • Allaire JRun, the volume leader in J2EE application servers
  • High volume distribution of software through complementary channels
  • A combined customer base of more than two million, ranging from Web designers to application developers to Java programmers.
  • In the announcement there was no mention of ColdFusion Studio, Kawa Java or HomeSite.

    The combined company will evolve its Web development platform with support for open industry standards. The first step is to deliver on Allaire's plan to bring the development model of ColdFusion to the J2EE standard. This will enable an approachable, productive solution for building applications on the Java platform using industry standard technologies such as XML and JSP. The next step will be to develop a set of application services — reusable components and application logic — that enhance the major software platforms including Java and Microsoft .NET.

    As the Web evolves, users will access content not just through PCs but via a wide variety of devices. The combined company will work towards empowering developers with an efficient way to develop once for multiple devices and then serve these applications without having to redevelop application logic for each device.

    "Our combined user communities are at the forefront of defining today's Web experiences," said Lynch. "Together, we will lead the way in constructing the dynamic, multi-device Web of the future, and deliver this across industry standard application servers."

    In the merger, Macromedia will exchange 0.2 shares of its stock and $3 in cash for each Allaire share. Macromedia will account the merger as a purchase combination and is expected to be accretive in Macromedia's fiscal year 2002. The transaction is subject to certain closing conditions, including regulatory approvals and the approval of the Allaire shareholders, and is expected to close by the second calendar quarter of 2001. In connection with the merger agreement, Allaire has granted Macromedia an option to acquire 19.9 percent of Allaire's stock, exercisable in certain circumstances.

    When it includes Allaire's results, San Francisco-based Macromedia said it expects to report pro forma earnings of about $1.70 per share on revenues of $630 million for its 2002 fiscal year. Macromedia also reported pro forma earnings of $16.2 million or 29 cents per diluted share for the third quarter of its fiscal 2001, vs. pro forma net income of $8.2 million or 15 cents per diluted share for the same quarter a year ago.

    Jeremy Allaire published an open letter to Allaire Developers to provide an understanding of "the combined company's vision for the future of the Web." The letter also included an e-mail address for questions and comments regarding the merger.

    A FAQ on the merger can be found at:

    Allaire Reports Year 2000 Financial Results

    Allaire Corporation on Tuesday, January 16, reported financial results for the year ended December 31, 2000.

    Revenue for the fourth quarter was $30.1 million, an increase of 64 percent from revenue of $18.3 million for the same period in 1999. These revenue results compare to $29.3 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2000.

    The company reported an adjusted net loss, which excludes stock based compensation, amortization of goodwill and other intangibles and merger costs, for the fourth quarter of $6.2 million, or ($0.23) per share, compared to adjusted net income of $542,000, or $0.02 per share, for the same period in 1999. Reported net loss for the fourth quarter was $7.0 million, or ($0.26) per share, compared to net income of $248,000, or $0.01 per share, for the same period in 1999.

    Revenue for the year ended December 31, 2000 increased 116 percent to $119.3 million from $55.2 million in 1999. Adjusted net loss for the year ended December 31, 2000 was $7.2 million, or ($0.26) per share, compared to an adjusted net loss of $2.3 million, or ($0.10) per share, in 1999. Reported net loss for the year ended December 31, 2000 was $8.9 million, or ($0.33) per share, compared to a net loss of $5.5 million, or ($0.24) per share, in 1999.

    Allaire held a conference call to discuss financial results and the merger with Macromedia.

    A replay of the conference call is available at until January 19, 2001. The replay number for domestic callers is 1-888-203-1112 and the replay number for International callers is 1-719-457-0820. The pass code for both is 642818.

    Allaire To Announce 4Q And Fiscal 2K Earnings Jan. 24

    Allaire Corporation's fourth quarter and year-end earnings conference call will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2001 beginning at 4:30 p.m. (EST).

    A press release will also be posted on the Allaire Web site at

    As with previous earnings calls, the event will be open to the media and general public via a live Webcast at The Webcast will also be archived for a limited period of time following the earnings call for later listening at the same Web address and will be made available for replay approximately one hour after the conclusion of the call.

    The call will feature David Orfao, chief executive officer, David Gerth, chief financial officer and Jeremy Allaire, chief technology officer.

    Live Webcast:
    Replay: #:            1-800-946-0720 (Domestic)
                                 1-719-457-2646 (International)
    Conference ID:  566842


    ANYCFUG Meeting

    The Albany New York Cold Fusion Users Group ANYCFUG meets at 6 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Academy of Electronic Media at RPI, CII Building – Room 4050, at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York — Directions

    Inquiries & RSVPs to: Tom McKeon, Co-President

    This Month: 6:00 pm, Thursday, January 18 (a week later than usual because of a scheduling conflict).

    Novice Session: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm
        Tom McKeon – Newkirk Products:    Variables & Scopes

    6:45 pm – 7:00 pm:
        Food & Beverages
        Questions & Answers

    General Session: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
        Ed Donohue – RemoteSite Technologies:   Advanced Form Techniques

    MDCFUG Meeting

    The Maryland Cold Fusion Users Group MDCFUG meets at 6:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Best Western Washington Gateway Hotel, 1251 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, Maryland — Directions

    The MDCFUG has a mailing list to discuss ColdFusion and related programming issues: Signup

    Inquiries to: Michael Smith, President

    This Month: 6:30 pm, Tuesday, January 9


  • Karen Jefferson: Using Barcodes in CF

  • Charlie Arehart: Server-Side Source Code Control — It Can Really Work

  • Arden Weiss: Demo of AMYUNI PDF Converter and INFOMENTUM CFFILE applet

  • Your Q and A

  • <CFSOUTH> Heats Up Winter ColdFusion Blues

    Winter too cold for ColdFusion? Check out <CFSOUTH> a one day ColdFusion conference in Orlando, Florida, February 3.

    <CFSOUTH> is organized by Rae Hanson of OCFUG and Michael Smith of TeraTech, who ran the successful CFUN-2K conference in Washington DC last summer. Hear about the latest in CF techniques and innovations from a national CF speakers while you enjoy the warm Florida sun during the winter!

    <CFSOUTH> will be jam-packed with discussions, demonstrations, and other fun activities to keep everyone involved.

    The conference fee of $100 includes breakfast, lunch, a reception that night, and all conference materials. In addition to the three keynote speakers Steve Drucker, Steve Nelson and Hal Helms, there will be a Sponsor Exhibit Area and a choice of 16 forums throughout the day. Choose your topic ranging from beginner to advanced.

    Where:  The DoubleTree Orlando Resort & Conference Center
    When:  February 3, 2001; 9 am to 9 pm

    The DoubleTree Orlando Resort and Conference Center is minutes from the Walt Disney World entrance.

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